Type: Comunity sensory garden

Location: Church Stretton, Shropshire

Status: Completed

Features: It was important that the garden was inclusive for children of all abilities, so young people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments could safely explore alongside able-bodied friends. Resting spaces to pause, relax and chat whilst looking at the views of the South Shropshire Hills were important, along with sensory planting that would provide different fragrances and textures.

We created a rugby ball shaped design for the garden that reflected both the playing fields where the garden is situated, and the sponsor, the Wooden Spoon, who donated £10,000 to the project. Complete with a labyrinth where children can walk or wheel around to find themselves in the centre, and raised planters with chunky wooden edging that doubles as seating, the garden is accessible to all. The bespoke metal talking and listening posts provide an element of fun and intrigue, enabling children to whisper down the tubes and hear the responses from different parts of the garden.

Planting: Sensory planting style. Plants like Stipa tenuisima, stachys byzantina, and nepeta six hills giant work well together for touch, smell, and movement.